Horizon Security Group Inc. is a modern day example of evolution at its best.  Founded from years of dedication in the “low voltage” industry and based on dedication and integrity, our success has been solely formatted on our quality of work.  Not just in the products themselves, but in the eyes and expectations of our customers.  Our day to day goal is to exceed the expectations of the customers using us.  The company itself is a collection of vastly experienced individuals, with multiple backgrounds in addition to camera systems, who collectively provide an enormous array of experience.  Utilized as a reliable one-stop shopping forum, our customers come back to use us over and over again.  In simplest form, we understand that the quality of our work, inevitably, is what will dictate the quality of our lives.

Many of our customers have come to rely on us over the years for a variety of reasons.  A major benefit of us over the average local contractor is that regardless of where our customers go, they know we will be there.  With active customers and contracts all over the United States, they have one less thing to worry over when opening a new location, their security.  From San Diego, California, to Miami, Florida, to Boston, Massachusetts; the geography never matters. In-house crews will be dispatched from New York to wherever they are needed, keeping our customer’s comfort at a standard high.  Every job is not only a new opportunity to reaffirm they have made the right choice, but a resume for the next.  Especially evident in the market of high-end retail, we provide a considerable level of control and comfort for the corporate level.  We provide them a single source to go to, repeatedly, to handle their needs.  We take the hassle out of different people in different states, regions, areas, etc. and have cemented their peace of mind by continuously exceeding expectations, regardless of location, and always at a price well within reason, and under expectation.

Our philosophy is very simple, very effective.  If we use our areas of proven expertise to work collectively with you in achieving your goals, at or under your provisional budget for the tasks at hand, everyone wins.  We take the initiative to provide you with all the pros and cons surrounding the options and choices you have physically, legally, and responsibly.  We bring with us the inherent experience needed to look beyond just the parts and pieces of a system and understand that the best system out there, whether cameras, burglar alarms, guard tours, etc., is the one custom tailored to meet your needs and desires.  The end reality is that there are many great components on the market today for countless applications.  Our mission is to work with your needs, wants, provisions and budgets to design, furnish, and install the best possible solutions they allow us to get.  Well beyond service after the sale, we excel at being the solution best suited for the task.

Case Studies

A customer had an issue with a brand new system another company had installed, yet lost all support when the system didn’t show the quality pictures they had anticipated. The installer claimed the problem could not be corrected, blaming the ...


It is a pleasure doing business with Rick and Horizon Security. They have delivered with their goods, service and, probably more importantly, their word. I will definitely look them up the next time I am in need of a security system.


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