A professional company with a personal touch, our reliability and continued support continue on well after the installation is complete.

.01 Consultation

Consultation is the first step; communication is the path to the solution.  We offer this as a free service to all new and potential customers. An initial meeting on site by a qualified representative of our firm, along with a representative versed in our common goal from your end, will provide the foundation to build from.  The key is in understanding exactly what the end desire is, then discussing the pros, cons and variables around it.  More often than not, our customers don’t know all the products and options on the market today, and rely on us to take their end needs and find the varying ways to achieve them.  Legal issues, safety concerns, specific inherent variables to their facility, and many more topics are all blended into the conversations.  Our responsibility to our customers is to bring to the table all our knowledge and experience, and match them as best we can to their desires and allotted budgets.

.02 Need Analysis

Analyzing your provisions and facility conditions, understanding the applications, and tailoring the system that’s right for you is the task at hand.  Getting to the root of your needs and wants provides us with the clear understanding of priorities, and the challenges to face ahead when both designing and implementing the installation.

.03 Solutions

The number of products and systems on the market can be overwhelming, but we have spent nearly twenty years working with the majority of those products. Utilizing a multi-level team approach, and in conjunction with your staff, collectively we will find the solution that’s best for you.

.04 Order and Installation

With many established vendors, and a highly experienced team of workers, the furnishing and installation of any products and services needed is an easy, one-stop shopping experience. We have earned the full-service reputation our company has developed, and go the extra mile to take the worry away from the implementation process from concept to end usage.

.05 Outgoing Services

As the cornerstone to repeat success, the service never stops after the sale. From available maintenance and scheduled visitation contracts, to the once-in-a-while reminder phone calls on how to use a feature, you always have a place to turn. Changes to your needs and wants, expansions, routine visits just to check in on things -- we don’t disappear after the sale.

Once the issues have all been addressed, and the choices made, can put the worries behind you. 

As with the design, we have a full array of talent and resources to furnish and install all the systems we promote with our in-house crews.  Experienced, professional, and dedicated, our staff is the highlight of our success.  In the approach of doing the task right the first time, on time, and with the quality of components hand-picked for your application, they diligently work to meet or exceed your deadlines. 

Their constant success has been the reason for ours, time and time again.  Post installation, the reputation holds firm. 

Case Studies

A customer had an issue with a brand new system another company had installed, yet lost all support when the system didn’t show the quality pictures they had anticipated. The installer claimed the problem could not be corrected, blaming the ...


It is a pleasure doing business with Rick and Horizon Security. They have delivered with their goods, service and, probably more importantly, their word. I will definitely look them up the next time I am in need of a security system.


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