Different from the majority of companies out there, we are not aligned with any specific brand or manufacturer.  We fully appreciate that different people like different things and look to meet their goals, not push a product line for commissions. Priorities and provisions change rigorously between the average home owner, high end retailer, commercial warehouse, and public gatherings, thus our mind set does as well.

Each client is a specific and separate entity, warranting specific and separate attention to designing what works best for them.

The major advantage in using us is that we are well versed in most of the top brands out in the marketplace, and know what products work best with the different provisions in the field.


Retail markets, especially high-end retail, are a specific area of expertise for Horizon.  Expensive merchandise, non-conventional floor plans, and general showroom dynamics provide a variety of challenges in choosing the right components for a proper system.  From factors like high gloss flooring, ambient and direct sunlight, ceiling vibrations from heating and cooling ducts, and so on - we have learned from many years of experience catering to high-end retailers, what works and what doesn't.  With active and passive alarms, higher sensitivity detectors, and super high resolution cameras, the attention to detail is what’s needed to separate describing a perpetrator, to catching one.  From high-end jewelry and trend setting fashion, to specialty stores and novelty shops, each system is very carefully and meticulously designed to your specific applications..


Commercial environments are a special concern in designing the right system.  Whereas factors of liability insurance claims, employee actions and presence, and hazard identifications are not the higher priority of the general retail market, in the commercial market they very much are.  Video documentation of incidents tell the truth and nothing but the truth.  It provides a constant means to overview your facility on site or remotely.  It encourages workers to think before acting and adds a healthy pressure for everyone to do what they are there to do.  As with all the normal benefits of video and/or intrusion detection systems, we understand fully the need for commercial accounts to protect from the outside as well protect against being taken advantage of from within.


As a standard, burglar alarms are a must in protecting the offices and contents of any business, but in an office building scenario, adding a CCTV system starts to take on a newer role.  Human Resource departments are utilizing more and more of the features of the camera systems to protect their policies, manage time abuses, confirm employee schedules are being followed, and take a much more corporate bird’s eye view.  Always following privacy and policy guidelines, cameras tell a lot more than what “bad guys” look like.  They show employee’s coming and going, provide time-stamped pictures of specifics, occupants after normal business hours, cleaning crew and guards rounds made, visitors and guests in the facility, and the countless advantages of seeing what happens when no one is looking.

Public Attraction

Public attractions and public gatherings are two of the most common areas where CCTV systems become a must.  Public, by definition, invites all in without screening of intent.  With public comes quantity, with quantity comes potential.  From theft to harassment, accident to injury, inappropriate behavior to mayhem - public forums provide a myriad of reasons to have proper security in place.  In many cases, private area alarms, camera systems, and guards are all utilized in achieving this goal.  Temporary or permanent, our staff will work with yours to custom-build the solution to your specific needs, and give you the comfort of the coverage you desire.

Case Studies

A customer had an issue with a brand new system another company had installed, yet lost all support when the system didn’t show the quality pictures they had anticipated. The installer claimed the problem could not be corrected, blaming the ...


It is a pleasure doing business with Rick and Horizon Security. They have delivered with their goods, service and, probably more importantly, their word. I will definitely look them up the next time I am in need of a security system.


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